Written by Meghan Kennelly & Laura Madaio on Aug 02, 2016

Your Personal Brand & Self-Promotion – Part 3

In Part 1 of our series you learned about the importance of your personal brand. In taking the exercises in Part 2, you hopefully discovered who you want to be and how you want to be portrayed.

Congratulations! You want your message to be clear and you want to prove your value. You want that coveted seat at the business decision table. Now, it’s time for a little self-promotion.

If done tastefully, self-promotion doesn’t have to be arrogant or egotistic. Having a strong, consistent message and using the right tools will provide a subtle, yet effective way of publicizing yourself and your activities.

Keeping your brand in mind, try out some of these shameless self-promotion tips: 

Increase your presence on social media platforms – As Steven Picanza, co-founder of the brand and digital strategy consulting firm Latin & Code once told me, “Invite yourself to the party!” Join the conversation and share your insights. See some chatter around a topic of interest? Then, share your knowledge or opinions. Keep the conversation going and you might even gain a few new connections. Not sure where to start? Try following influencers, check trending hashtags or join some LinkedIn groups.

In one of our recent blogs on social media strategies, Richard Corbridge, CIO of eHealth Ireland shared “Be as open as you can, create a conversation and invest in the relationships you create. Offer advice and guidance where you can and remain mindful of the public nature of what you say.” 

Join a board or committee  This can be a group inside or outside your organization. Get to know different people in different roles. This is a great place to showcase what you’re passionate about, share your background and display your expertise.

Volunteer to lead a project Get involved with something new. Not only will you broaden your skills, you’ll get to work with a team that may not know you that well. What a perfect opportunity to test out your brand and show off what type of leader you are!

Stay in touch Your former colleagues, supervisors, mentors, teachers, etc. can prove invaluable.  Having your network vouch for you, celebrate your accomplishments and share your blogs or social posts makes less work for you when it comes to self-promotion.

Build relationships with key stakeholderBuilding relationships within your organization is crucial if you’re looking to advance or be involved in key projects. You never know who is in another person’s network or what opportunities might arise by making connections that lead to broader communities. It’s important to build relationships both inside and outside your comfort circle to make people aware of the value you bring to the business; and most important, how you can bring value to them. The key here – be genuine. Don’t jump straight into promoting yourself. Build an organic relationship and then see how you can help each other. This has to be a two-way street.

Reach out – Broaden your external network. Reach out to some superstars. Want to get their attention? Stand out from the crowd by keeping it unique and keeping it real. Start by seeing if you have a mutual connection who could introduce you to these people. By proving you bring a unique and relevant message, you can turn your network into motivators, supporters and champions of your brand.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already a C-level executive, you simply can’t afford not to develop and maintain a personal brand.  It’s the cheapest, simplest form of advertising available—and nobody knows you better than, well, you!

 So shake the shyness! Identify the individuals, groups and organizations that can influence and amplify your goals and objectives, and create value-added opportunities for your networks. Above all, however, don’t forget where you came from since the person you are today and in the future has a lot to do with the experiences you had and people you met along the way.

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