Written by Meghan Kennelly on Nov 15, 2016

Calm the Crazy! – A Coach’s Guide to Time Management

In our last conversation with Rari Hilditch, Leadership and Executive Coach for the CIO Executive Council, we discussed why the topic of time management was so top of mind right now.  As she noted in our previous conversation, living a more time-sensitive life takes some work. We must identify what activities bring value to our lives and goals and what activities we must try to take off our plate.

To end our series on time management, Rari shares more tips and resources that can help us gain control over our busy lives.  Hopefully, Rari’s insights will give some sense of hope that we could bring calm to the chaos and gain some much-needed order.

Here are some tips from Rari we can start implementing right away.

Understand where your time is going – Take a good look at where all your time is going. Consider what’s getting in your way, both at work and at home.  Remember, we’re more than our jobs.  Work and home blend together for many people.  You may even want to track an entire week.  Once tracked, take note of areas that you can eliminate, delegate or be more proactive about. Don’t confuse the tough choices with no choice.  You may even want to take some time to consider what a perfect week would look like and proactively work towards it.

Keep a master list – Establish one place to track everything you need to consider – a blue print for the day, the week, or the month.  Consciously decide what needs to happen and write it down.  I use Outlook tasks to capture my master list, though some folks enjoy pen to paper. Frequently review the list and add, eliminate or delegate if needed.

Schedule time for planning – Action without planning = Failure.  The most successful people plan. Work towards 15 to 30 minutes a day to review your master list and key responsibilities.  Schedule the most important things to be completed into your calendar and organize the rest.  Find some quiet space to do this – planning time is reflective time and you need to minimize interruptions.   This activity can happen in the morning or at the close of the day.

Know what counts – There are so many competing priorities that come at us all day long that we have limited time to get things done.  With the time we have, we want to ensure we’re working on the right things and the activities that are going to bring the greatest value or impact.

Brian Tracy has a great formula called the “Law of Three”. It states that no matter what things you do over the weeks and months of your life, there are three things you do that have the biggest impact. These activities make up 90% of your value.  Do you know what your three are?

time management resources

Want to dive a little deeper?  Check out some of Rari’s recommended resources:


In chatting with Rari, she shared one of her favorite quotes she frequently uses when she is coaching or training on this topic. The quote from Jim Rohn reads “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”.

The time is now. Take back your days – take back your life! It’s time to start living a life that brings YOU the most value. As Rari said, “There’s no magic to this. It will take hard work and discipline. The best part is that you choose!”.


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