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We are WIL.

  • WE ARE! It’s our rallying cry. A call to action to come together and share our collective story of diversity and aspiration. To craft our lasting legacy, we look through the lens of progress and embark on a lifelong journey of discovery, education and inspiration.

    Women in Leadership is an exclusive program that blends real-world experience with thought-provoking content and programming as well as inspired events. We approach challenges through the eyes of our members and uniquely give actionable items you can take back into your organization and personal lives immediately.

  • Women in Leadership is for those who share a purpose of advancement in business for females through leadership development, career advancing networking opportunities, and real-world programming & content.

    We Are WIL [Women In Leadership]


All it takes is one hour a month

to gain invaluable advice to take your

career to the next level.


It drove me to a deeper level of self-reflection that helped reveal some of my own blind spots. Thank you for an insightful webcast! I look forward to using some of the tools presented..

The message I took away was that I need to empower myself to show up differently, and these steps/resources will assist me in that direction.

I left the meeting with renewed energy and the belief that I can face any challenge.

81% of attendees in our Women in Leadership “Own It” virtual series gained new insights and ideas towards their professional development.

71% of attendees in our 2016 “Own It” virtual series reported they were able to immediately apply the actionable resources and tools provided in the session.

In the past 10 years, 1000+ female leaders have taken a pledge of personal and professional development with our Women in Leadership Program.

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