Oct 19, 2017 @ 2 pm - 3 pm EST

What’s in a (Domain) Name? UA, IPv6, DNSSEC & the Future of Global Business

While almost everyone on the planet recognizes the importance and utility of domain names to the Internet and both business and consumer users of the World Wide Web, far fewer may realize the criticality of Universal Acceptance (UA) when it comes to leveling the virtual playing field.

Basically, UA practices are designed to ensure that all existing, new and often non-traditional domain names and email addresses are universally accepted by all software – which is not always the case. Without UA, some of the newer domain extensions – such as .info or .photography – as well as localized languages might go unrecognized. That is, software worldwide would be unable to accept, validate, store, process and display information on websites that use these newer domain identifiers.

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group an Internet community group that maintains that annual benefits from UA could be in the billions. While progress has been made in educating and influencing companies to adopt UA standards and practices, acceptance is not universal.

IPv6 has been around for years to address the shortage of IPv4 address space, but too few companies are pursuing it.

And DNSSEC is a security facility that ensures clients are talking to the correct server, but it too has not been widely adopted.

Together, Universal Acceptance, IPv6 and DNSSEC could be considered ‘broccoli issues’ – things that are good for your but you may not have yet had the appetite to pursue.

Join our panelists as they outline the benefits and importance of Universal Acceptance, IPv6 and DNSSEEC and discuss their experience and results from eating their vegetables. Taking part in the discussion are: Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President & CTO at Afilias; Jason Livingood, Vice President, Technology Policy & Standards at Comcast; and John Brzozowski, Fellow and Chief Architect IPv6 for Comcast Cable.

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