With our resources at both CIO magazine and our parent company IDG (the world’s leading technology media, events and research company), our members can become experts sought for speaking engagements all over the world. Additionally, some members are featured in Council leadership seminars and mentoring programs.

Global Media Bureau services include:

  • Matching service to align your expertise with visibility opportunities
  • Assisting with confirming availability, interest and expenses
  • Establishing and facilitating introductions to producers and leaders
  • Consulting on speakers and topics for your own company events

Ways to Get Involved

Our members have a variety of options for participating in the Global Media Bureau. Here are some of the opportunities:

Leading a Regional Event – You may host a members-only meeting in your region and showcase your technology and initiatives. This is an excellent option for speakers who prefer a small audience and familiar environment.

Workshop Facilitation – If you’re more of a specialist or time-strapped, speaking on specific tech or business topic or facilitating a roundtable discussion is a great way to get involved with minimal time and travel investment.

Panel Participation – Participating in an experts panel gives you the opportunity to interact with other high-profile CIOs, provide valuable content to a hot topic and potential media exposure. A great option if you prefer a secondary stage presence.

Main Stage/Keynote – If you’re a dynamic speaker and thrive on stage, this is the opportunity for you. Provide a thought-provoking presentation and gain maximum stage presence and media coverage.

Interested in membership or participating in the Global Media Bureau? Contact us