Women In Leadership

As a group we identify the realities of career advancement, inspiring and teaching the best practices of successful C-level females who have overcome challenges of their industry and taken charge of their careers. We employ new tactics that boost confidence, provide a broad view of the business, and exercise our highly collaborative spirit while balancing all we choose to enjoy in life.

- Pam Stenson, President, CEC

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The Women in Leadership community offers leadership development opportunities for all female leaders navigating the challenges of career advancement. Participants gain career guidance and a powerful network of female executives that consist of like-minded peers who support you whether you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re actively working on the next steps in your career. As a participant of the community, you’ll experience camaraderie and access to a powerful network of leaders who have overcome many of the same challenges you face.

  • Virtual learning sessions
  • Networking receptions and intimate lunches
  • Breakfast series with community Chair, Pam Stenson
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Access to tools and self assessments
  • Connect with peers, content & events through the global CECexchange.com community site

Pam Stenson, President, Chair



 Pamela Rucker, Co-Chair



Kim Crawford, Community Manager



Kate Kirkcaldy, Product Engagement & Operations Specialist



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