This community of CEC members provides peer-advisory and opportunities for female leaders to raise their visibility within the profession and influence current and future generations of women in business. They work to inspire younger generations and grow the pipeline of diverse talent for organizations to leverage. The CEC’s EWIT COP includes a series of face-to-face meetings and webcasts, outreach and partnership programs, and insightful content developed by C-level executives.

EWIT Networking Reception Series

Experience the power of this group as we celebrate the advancements that women have made in technology across the country! For more information on the series click here.

EWIT Leadership Connection

This community harnesses the leadership from the CEC’s EWIT COP and extends beyond the IT arena and beyond the traditional CEC membership. EWIT Leadership Connection offers leadership development opportunities for all female leaders navigating the challenges of career advancement.

Participants gain career guidance and a powerful network of female executives that consist of like-minded peers who support you whether you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re actively working on the next steps in your career. As a participant of the EWIT Leadership Connection, you’ll experience camaraderie and access to a powerful network of leaders who have overcome many of the same challenges you face:

  • Advancing your career
  • Building a cross-industry network
  • Receiving guidance, opportunity and advice
  • Learning from successful C-level women executives
  • Gain visibility outside your organization

EWIT Leadership Connection Participants

Particpants range from CXOs to VPs to directors and managers. They come from varied backgrounds and industries to create a dynamic and supportive network. You’ll gain access to a network of 400+ leaders who are available for advice and support in business, personal growth and life balance.

What do I get from EWIT Leadership Connection community?

  • Webcast Series - Annual series focused on leadership development, career advancement
  • Resources - Leadership development presentations and recordings, self-assessment tools, benchmark data, and communications on industry trends and developments
  • Newsletter - (Quarterly) Features include in-person and virtual event takeaways, upcoming networking event and spotlight interviews with the women of EWIT
  • Community - Online community via LinkedIn, which provides participants with unparalleled access to cross-industry expertise
  • In-Person Engagement - Private sessions hosted at CECComputerworld, and CIO Magazine sponsored events