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BNY Mellon Channels Silicon Valley Development Practices

CIO Suresh Kumar says a new software platform, which includes a development environment and private cloud for application deployment, is boosting productivity at the bank. via

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New IT roles produce a slew of new job titles

CIOs are creating new IT/business positions as they focus on customer experience and analytics. via

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How CIOs Create a Great Customer Experience

Learn how three CIOs work with colleagues in marketing, embrace continuous evolution and survey users to ensure that customers have great interactions with their companies. via

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CIOs Deploy Different Social Tools for Different Types of Collaboration

Jive, Jabber, Yammer, SharePoint, Lync–CIOs roll out a variety of collaboration tools to fit the work styles of various types of far-flung employees. via

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How to survive a data breach

In today’s globally connected world, breaches are inevitable. So what can you do to survive when it happens to you?

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