The custom programs we offer reflect the evolving needs of IT organizations. These engagements provide the opportunity to reach large segments of your organization in a customized and cost-effective manner.

Stakeholder Relationships

In order for IT to become a strategic business driver and game-changer, the technology organization must transcend its “service provider” relationship with stakeholders. IT needs to become a trusted partner and, ultimately, a true business peer. The Stakeholder Relationship Workshop is based on the CEC’s “Future-State CIO® Journey” model which divides the CIO role into three stages – Functional Head, Transformational Leader and Business Strategist. This workshop provides organizations with the opportunity to not only evaluate which stage you and your staff are currently at within the model, but what actions can be taken to advance that relationship to the next level.

Executive Women in Business (EWIB) – “Lead with Impact”

This “Executive Women in Business” Workshop builds on the CEC’s Executive Women in IT’s (EWIT’s) “Top Ten Pieces of Career Advice” guide which provides powerful insight from current female CIO’s. This workshop provides organizations with the opportunity to support female executives by empowering and improving their strategic business leadership skills and to be recognized as a supporter of diversity both within your organization and to the world at-large.