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The Journey - IT leaders build on credibility of functional accomplishments, gain influence through transformation, and ultimately position IT as a game changer by driving business strategy. To progress, they must apply key competencies to adjust their focus, enhance staff expertise, and elevate stakeholder relationships. The results: comprehensive business value and ensured relevance of the profession in any business climate.

Your Competencies + Your Leader Focus = Your Business Value

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  • Results Orientation

    Results Orientation is about being focused on improvement of business results.
  • People & Organizational Development

    People & Organizational Development is about developing the long-term capabilities of others and the organization as a whole, and finding satisfaction in influencing or even transforming someone's life or career.
  • Team Leadership

    Team Leadership is about focusing, aligning, and building effective groups in one's immediate organization.
  • Collaboration & Influence

    Collaboration and Influence are about working effectively with and influencing those outside of your functional area for positive impact on business performance.
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